45 Minutes in China
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Friday, 10 April 2009

Are you sitting comfortably? Then don’t read this book! Youwill begin with pleasure but finish in pain.It is poetic. This Welshman is a master of the Englishlanguage. The descriptive style is brilliantly written, a delightto the mind. China comes alive in a vivid way. Rowlandtakes you with him on his travels. But the literary sweetness disguises strong medicine which leaves a sour taste.  Because it is also prophetic, in three particulars. First,China is rapidly becoming the next world super-power,which will affect all of us. Second, just as the industrialrevolution enriched the few and impoverished the many, sothe technological creates a widening gulf between the haves and the have-nots. Third, society will become increasingly hostile to Christians, until they are hated by all nations, as Jesus predicted.

Rowland is a practical man, a motivator of others. I know  he has only one objective in putting his pen to paper: to leave the readers wanting to be involved and asking the Lord what He wants them to do about it. I had to do this after reading it (in one sitting).

First, I knew I must write this Foreword. I had hesitated when requested to do so, partly because my contacts with the author have been infrequent and my knowledge of hismission limited, but mainly because I felt totally unworthy to be linked with his amazing ministry.

However, if my name would help to bring that to wider notice, I felt I could not decline.Second, we had already begun to translate my tapes and books, and to dub my videos, into Mandarin, thankfully now replacing the many dialects. The great need for the Chinese church is for balanced biblical teaching to stabilise and nature their millions of converts. I am now more determined than ever to pursue this task.

Will you dare to read it, knowing what could result? You might even find yourself in China itself, as one of those the author calls ‘my colleagues’.You have been warned!

David Pawson



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